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Trac Support

Like most open source projects, Trac support is available primarily through the mailing list and the project wiki. Both are maintained by the Trac community. The project wiki is the authoritative source for the TracGuide, consisting of the administrator and user guides for Trac.

There is an IRC channel where online users can help out. Much of the 'live' development discussions also happen there.

You can search questions tagged with trac on Stack Overflow.

Before you start a new support query, make sure you have done the appropriate searching:

Please don't create a ticket in to ask a Trac support question. Only create a ticket when you face a real and new bug in Trac, and do so only after having read the NewTicketGuidelines. The more a bug report or enhancement request complies with those guidelines, the higher the chances are that it will be fixed or implemented promptly!

See also: MailingList, TracTroubleshooting, TracFaq, CommercialServices

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.