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  • v1.1.1 broke booting from foreign drives, it is now fixed.
  • Improved error handling a bit.
  • Longer DRQ and IRQ timeouts to minimize write timouts with some (bad) CF cards.
  • Default boot menu drive should now be properly selected.
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1XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.1.3 (29 July 2010)
2  * v1.1.1 broke booting from foreign drives, it is now fixed.
3  * Improved error handling a bit.
4  * Longer DRQ and IRQ timeouts to minimize write timouts with some (bad) CF cards.
5  * Default boot menu drive should now be properly selected.
8XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.1.2 (26 July 2010, no public release)
9  * Fixed a bug where Disk Parameter Table was accessed with wrong pointer register after writing last block.
10  * Cleaned AH=00h, Disk Controller Reset a bit.
13XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.1.1 (19 July 2010)
14*Booting is now possible from hard disks if floppy controller reset fails
15 since AH=00h, Disk Controller Reset now returns error code for the
16 requested drive only.
17*Now assembles with Yasm.
20XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.1.0 (first stable release, 2 May 2010)
21*Lite and full operating modes
22*Diagnostic cylinder no longer has to be reserved
23*Slave drives again work without master present
24*32-bit transfers for VLB and PCI IDE controllers
25*16- and 32-bit transfers are enabled on all builds
26*Boot menu hotkeys for all drives
27*Drive swapping is handled separately for floppy and hard disk drives so it
28 is now possible to install DOS to any hard disk from any floppy drive
29*INT 13h,AH=15h return value in DL now longer gets corrupted by drive swapping
30*Rewritten drive detection and lots of code cleaning
31*Longer timeout when detecting first drive
32*Minimum number of floppy drives can be specified if autodetection fails
33*Maybe other changes that i have forgotten
35XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.1.0 configuration and flashing program (
36*Now works as a generic EEPROM flasher
37*Improvements to configuration menus
38*SDP can be completely disabled
41XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.0.0_RC2
42*No more boot menu slowdown when no XTIDE Universal BIOS
43 controlled drives present
44*Hard disks are now reset properly.
45 This fixes some Block Mode related bugs.
46*Major improvements for error handling
47*Small improvements for interrupt handling
50XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.0.0_RC1
51*Fixed 386+ stack exception bug
52*Stack is relocated for boot menu even if DPTs are not stored to 30:0h
53*Strings and boot menu are displayed properly on BIOSes that corrupts
54 AH when returning from INT 10h/AH=Eh
55*L-CHS addressing is now used for <=504MiB drives even if LBA is supported
58XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.0.0_b4
59*Boot menu with drive swapping
60*Block mode transfers
61*Cylinder limiting
62*Drive detection read errors are now properly detected
63*A little longer timeout value when detecting drives
64*Minor optimizations to save some bytes
67XTIDE Universal BIOS beta3
68*BIOS configuration and flashing program finally available
69*No more conflicts with other hard disk BIOSes
70*Slave drives should now be detected without master
71*Timeouts now use system timer
72*Variables can now be located to top of base memory
73*Completely rewritten interrupt handling
74*Minor optimizations to 8-bit transfers
75*CTRL can be held down to skip initialization
76*Late initialization to fix compatibility issues with old systems
79XTIDE Universal BIOS beta2
80*AT build and support for 16-bit IDE Controllers
81*XT+ build for 188/186/V20/V30/286 XTs
82*Auto detection for timeout values (AT+)
83*Minor optimizations
86XTIDE Universal BIOS beta1
87*Initial release
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